Networking for success

Great that you have decided to take the online course „Networking for success“!

This course will teach you how to purposefully establish, expand, and maintain your network.

You will gain insightful networking advices as well as practical and easy-to-implement networking activities in 6 modules.

Master your networking skills

Module 1–3 focus on offline-networking. You will explore backgrounds, personal concerns such as resistance and values in deeper levels. And you will develop a personal networking strategy that suits you and your values.

The emphasis in Module 4 and 5 is on online networking. A variety of digital networks, media, and channels will be introduced. You will learn the first step to implementing your personal networking strategy as well as building and expanding your online presence in your daily life.

IIn Module 6, you will present your work and receive comments and feedbacks from us and the other participants. We hope you have fun practicing it!

Module 1

What should I build on? The basics of effective networking

Module 2

What makes me stand out? Reaching your goal with the right strategies

Module 3

Who and how can I help? Making connections to support others

Module 4

Building your online reputation in social networks

Module 5

Creating your own media and channel to enhance your online reputation

Module 6

What next? Apply your achievements as stepping stones